RGU’s students who drugged & robbed narrated the whole story in social media

Statement of two RGU’s Students who were drugged & robbed on board in Donyi-Polo express goes viral in social media.



Recently two students of Rjiv Gandhi University drugged and robbed on board in Donyi- Polo Express when they were travelling from Itanagar to Guwahati to appear their NET exam. Both the students have narrated about the whole incident in social media and whatsapp groups. Here is the same (  their narration- as it is available in social media, note edited to us  ) for our esteemed reader…..

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The incident

Two students of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) were found drugged and in an unconscious state at the railway platform in Guwahati, Assam, on Thursday.

As per the media report  they ( Two RGU students )  were boarding on Donyi- Polo Express to appear their NET entrance in Guwahati. While on the way they were offered snacks & foods by co-passengers, after eating that they lost their consciousness & next day they were found in the railway track by local police.

They were immediately rushed to the nearby Hospital. By grace of God they are now out of danger Zone.

RGU Students’ Union general secretary Barik Riba, who met the victims, informed media ” that at around 12 am, an individual boarded the train at the Rangapara railway station in Assam. reportedly, the person struck up a conversation with the duo and offered them some eatables. The duo was later found in an unconscious state by railway police personnel.

During their unconscious, they were robbed of all their belongings, including cash and documents.

Meanwhile , the Guwahati Arunachal Students’ Union is coordinating with the students, and will take the matter ahead.


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