Arunachal: Cattle moving on NH obstruct flow of traffic


By Manoj Singh


There is a traffic rule for commuters and vehicle owners as well drivers but is there any law and rule to get rid from cattle who are freely moving on the National Highway.

It is observed that the capital district administration and ADM cum Chief Estate Officer have passed a order for banning of loitering of cattle and stray animals on the road and National Highway which are detrimental for obstruction of traffic on busy roads of capital complex.

It is matter of concern that  Mithun , cow, dog, pig and even goats are found moving  on the capital road scot freely. The administration need to take care as it obstruct the free movement  of traffic.

The district administration, IMC and Urban local bodies need to see that such nascence are not been allowed to prevail on the Highway as the city have been declared one of the smart city of the country, the local commuters at bank Tinali seen as saying this afternoon.


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