Itanagar: Student and youth leaders oppose CAB

Students' organisations and youth leaders vehemently opposed CAB in single voice, Felix assured to recommend their views


In continuation of the holding of Consultative meetings on CAB, the Home Minister cum Chairman, Bamang Felix  today held meeting with the representatives of around twenty numbers of students body organizations including AAPSU at dorjee khandu state convention hall and sought their suggestions, views, opinions and  interests.


While presenting their views and submitting representations all the students and youth leaders unanimously opposed the CAB in a single voice and said that they will continue to fight against this controversial bill.

Addressing the students body organizations the Home Minister clarified that the CAB is a bill initiated and planned by the Union government and the state government of Arunachal Pradesh has no any hand in it.

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Felix assured the students community that the state government would recommend their collective views to the central government after into the considerations of interests of the stakeholders of the state if the centre really enforces implementation of the CAB in the state.

The Minister further stated that the state government would always look forward and work for the best interests of the people of the state.

He advised and appealed the educated young student leaders to highlight and enlighten  the uneducated and illiterate people of the state in directions and perspectives and asked them to know the detail provisions of the CAB thoroughly the Minister added.

While talking to media person AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said that we have opposed in a single voice,  and no condition.

ANSU General Secretary Tukbum Ligu said that our stand is very clear and we supported the stand of NESO and AAPSU. We strongly opposed the CAB.

ANYA President Byabang Joram inform that “we do opposed with other students and youths organization in one voice, we placed our genuine grievance before the committee and hope that they will place it in the greater interest of indigenous people of state”.

NESO Coordinator Pritam Waii Sonam while said that  “we have been fighting against CAB since 2016. We have been opposing this bill. We are not going to accommodate any refugee. This bill is anti secular”.

Meanwhile NESO  is continue to fight the move of CAB and  going to launch democratic movement from November 18 in entire North Eastern states.


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