Itanagar : Rebia and Kaso attend Donggin festival

While attending Donggin festival Nabam Rebia and Techi Kaso exhorted the Adi community to play a pro vital role for preservation of tradition, culture and identity of tribal community.



Minister Land Management, Environment and Frost Nabam Rebia today exhorted the Adi community to play a pro vital role in leading the society for protection and preservation of traditional, cultural and identity of tribal community of state.

Rebia was addressing the Donggin Toddi (festival) here at Mopin solung ground today. He said that the Adi community have played pioneer role in every aspect who have received education much earlier than other community even during the British rule, they should continue even today in all round development including the preservation of age old culture and ethos of the tribal community.

He said that we should not be against the modernisation but we should not compromise the identity of the society in the name of modernisation. We may leave up some of our practice but our culture, tradition which will speak in future about our identity. The present government have created the department of indigenous affairs which have started its work for preservation of tradition and culture.

This is a transition period  and we should not confused and continue to work for preservation of art culture otherwise we may lose our identity. He also appeal the younger generation to carry forward the legacy of the senior and forefather about our identity, tradition and culture so our identity.

Itanagar MLA  Techi Kaso addressing the function as guest of honour said that unity is strength and we have to unite ourselves for protection of our identity even if we are in modern era.

Kaso said that every festival in Arunachal Pradesh based on agriculture, horticulture and its harvest which have a great meaning which are directly attached with the culture of the community and society and we need to preserve and protect it which will help in protection of identity of tribal community.

Donggin Festival celebration committee (DFCC ,(I) President Tabang Budung, Chief Patron  Tashor Pali, Secretary Tapang Yapi, senior members Er, Getom Borang amaong other also address the function.

Minister Power Tamiyo Taga, Pasighat West MLA Tatung Jamoh, Donggin festival celebration committee executive members, several bureaucrats and technocrats and general public were present on the occasion.

Several cultural programmes mark the occasion.


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