Itanagar: officials discusses Traffic Jam issue on NH-415

Police and Administration discussed the issue of traffic jam on NH-415 in Itanagar, and try to find out the ways to reduce it.  



In view of under constriction of National Highway in Itanagar  every one is facing the  traffic jam, now we have formulated  a plan which would be implemented so that we may get rid from traffic jam upto some extend. Said SP, Papum Pare and  Capital Incharge Tumme Amo.

While attending a general review meeting at the conference Hall of the Capital Deputy Commissioner office today SP Amo suggested various ways and means to get rid out of traffic jam upto some extend.

Amo said that the traffic jam are caused by various reasons which include haphazard parking, violation of traffic rule, bad road and various other factors.

Creating of more exit points from the said main highway as much as possible so that vehicles can leave the said highway as soon as possible and reduce the number and volume of vehicles on this highway.

There should be less entry points to the highway as much as possible to reduce the number and volume of vehicles entering/joining the highway.

Some suitable diversion roads like roads via Doordarshan or Abotani Colony or via Hotels Arun subansiri,  Hotel Waii International to Niti Vihar or Jullang should be identified and vehicles may be diverted to some of these roads specially during peak times to lessen the burden on the main highway

Those drivers specially those of trackers and tempos who always overtake on wrong sides must be stopped and challaned. They overtake even at jar area on the road.

Pssengers vehicle should not allow to pick and drop passengers at any place. stoppage for these vehicle should be marked.

Most of the time State Transport Buses  take U- Turns from RK Mission area to enter the Bus Station causing huge traffic jams. These buses should take right turn from Ganga Tower Clock/Hanuman Mandir area to enter into the Station and exit  from Ganga Sumo Counter area. This will ease the disturbances caused by State Transport buses.

The owners of big shops/showrooms like Reliance, Vishal, V2, Max Mart Hub, Sohum, Drodel Cinema etc must keep their private traffic persons in order to manage parking of vehicles in their surroundings.

people who visiting the market for purchasing or offices  situated along the highway should park their vehicle in discipline manner. this is one of the major reason for traffic congestion.

The  meeting was chaired by Capital Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan, ADC, EAC Itanagar and Naharlagun, SDPO Itanagar and Naharlagun, Executive Engineer PWD Highway, OC PS Itanagar and Naharlagun, OC (Traffic) Itanagar and Naharlagun, Official of TK Engineering Consortium Pvt Ltd, APST Station Superintendent, representative of Transport federation and organisation of Capital complex, representative of shopping mall and showrooms from Itanagar and Naharlagun, EAC (Traffic) and LO to DC among other attended and share their views and suggestions.

One WhatsApp group’ “Capital Traffic Policing” has been created for Traffic Information Management System. Amo added.


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