Itanagar: Toko Jyoti unveils book “ Tales of Abo Tani”

Itanagar:  Toko Jyoti, Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) today unveiled a book “ Tales of Abo Tani “ here at Arunachal Press Club (APC).

Addressing the media, Jyoti said that “the book ‘Tales of Abo Tani’ is really informative one and author  Hilang Taya have tried his best to exposed the folk tales which has been heard in the community as a real story which has been might happened during Abo Tani (forefather) as revealed by our old parents”.

The author is known to me for years together and he has been associated with such noble idea. I earlier had suggested him to come up with documentation, As a good author Taya come up with this book at this juncture will help several people specially our younger generation to know  about our forefather and old parents who happened to do such works/discuses and such works have been mind in the folk lore. It might disappear in time to come if it is not preserved.

This book  benefit everyone people form Abo Tani community and clan members and other also wanted to know about the folk lore and folk tales of our community.

There are hundreds of such takes in the society through we can know about our  existence, culture, habits and other information which have lots of moral values and it need to be passed on to our younger generation and it remind our past related to Abo Tani which would be helpful for future generation. Jyoti said.

The author of the book “ Tales of Abo Tani”  Hillang Taya said that It is a small book but informative one, it has lots of information, story of small incidents which have occurred generation before and still been spoken in the society and I do remember it and I have tried to place before the people through this book. The author said.

Several story “folk lore and folk tales” which are relevant in society these days which is there in society which have lots of important for society I have mentioned such ten story which may be useful to our younger’s. he said.

There are total 10 story with 37 pages and every story has based on the real tales which have been prevailing in society. These story has been totally based on the tales and folk lore’s being spoken by the people in the society for the people of Tani groups and also others.

These folk tales and folk lore give us  a morality. He said.

Three thousand copy has been printed in first instance and it may be increase if the demand increase, I shall try to make available in all the books sellers of capital complex and also to those who are interest may contact me at Naharlagun.

I am working in other series of such books which may be voluminous and may also like by all,  I will try and put my effort to bring more such story in better way, Taya added.

It was my small initiative  and a humble beginning and thanks Toko Jyoti for supporting him and Hillang Athalia Tana for editing the story. Taya further said.


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