Itanagar Municipal Election: EVM checking conducted

Itanagar:  With the announcement of the Municipal Election, the process of first-level checking of electronic voting machines (EVMs) was conducted today in the presence of DC cum MEO Komkar Dulom, EAC(Election)


Datum Gadi and EAC cum incharge EVM and training Lod Takar, RK Sona Dy Director Geology & Mining who’s assisting in EVM and training and representatives of political parties.

The MEO also discussed various technical issues relating to proper functioning of EVMs and control units with EVM expert engineers from Electronic Corporations of India Limited, Kolkata who have come to assist in conducting the polls.
The MEO briefed that the first-level checking is being undertaken in advance so that all checks were carried out without any undue haste in the presence of representatives of political parties.


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