Arunachal: Consultative Committee completes hearing on CAB

Legislators expressed their apprehension that amendment to the  Principal Act will affect the state


The fifth and last meeting of the Consultative Committee on  Citizenship Amendment  Bill (CAB) was held  under the Chairmanship of  Bamang Felix, Chairman Consultative Committee on CAB and Minister Home  in the Nokmey Namaty hall of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Secretariat on 9th November 2019 with Legislators of the state.


while welcoming the MLAs to the meeting, Felix highlighted the need to seek opinions of the stakeholders including CBOs, Students,NGOs and the representatives of the people before recommending to the State Government. He also appealed the Legislators to give their opinion responsibly in a friendly atmosphere.

Legislators one after the other, expressed their apprehension that amendment to the  Principal Act will affect the state very badly in all spheres unless the state is kept out of the purview of the CAB. Another apprehension was that there is no  cut off year  in the CAB which is likely to affect the demography of the state in later years too.

The members while opposing amendment to the Principal Bill, suggested the Consultative Committee and the state Government to approach the Central Government  to strengthen Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873  and the Chin Hills Regulation 1896  by converting it into an Act before amending the Citizenship Act 1955 so that the provisions of CAB do not affect the state.

Felix,  in his remark after successfully conducting series of meetings with stakeholders thanked and appreciated the Legislators, Party leaders,Students, CBO  and NGO representatives for their cooperation to the Committee and expressing their views in a descent and responsible manner. He assured that the  views of the cross sections of the society will be sent to the government in a consolidated report.

Commissioner Home and Political Affairs Kaling Tayeng highlighted the provisions of Citizenship Act 1955 and proposed amendments to the Principal Act through power point presentation.


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  1. CAB will not affect the demography of arunachal coz all the provision under article 371 will not be changed, but if Bangladeshee Muslim rate increase in state it will directly change the demography of arunachal within 10 years. So stop focussing on CAB work on rise of Bangladeshee Miya issue.

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