Pul Announced a Cash Award of Rs 3 lakhs to Namne Mena


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul announced a cash award of Rs 3 lakhs to Namne Mena, Health Supervisor (Lady Health Visitor) recipient of National Florence Nightingale Award 2016 as an incentive to encourage her further to work with more sincerity and dedication.


Miss Mena was conferred National Florence Nightingale Award 2016 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India on the occasion of International Nurses Day on May 12’ 2016 and she received the award from the President of India.

Chief Minister appreciated her twenty two years of service, during which Mena has significantly contributed to the health and care of people in the communities she has served, helping women deliver babies safely and saving lives in extremely trying conditions.

As a health care provider, Mena has risked her life many a times for serving people with no access to medical aid providers, often walking miles without food or rest, climbing hills, crossing rivers and forests and even facing wild animals – all this to serve people living at the farther most ends of the region.

Her dedication and caring attitude is well evidenced by the care she gives to the sick, visiting their homes and spending time with people in pain and giving them the hope. She also conducts meetings for adolescents and women on various health related issues.

She contributed greatly for the growth and an enabling service environment for fellow professionals.

Chief Minister called upon other health workers to emulate the example set by her for further strengthening the healthcare systems in the state and hope that many nurses and health workers of the state would win more such awards in days to come.


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