Itanagar: Earth cutting banned in entire capital complex

District Administration completely banned earth cutting and appeal the denizens to stay away from river banks in capital complex.



By Manoj Singh 

Itanagar Capital complex Deputy Commissioner Himanshu Gupta today said that the capital district administration have completely banned the illegal earth cutting in the entire capital complex keeping in view the onset of the monsoon and apprehension of landslide.

DC Gupta while talking to this Arunachal24  said that prohibitory order under section 133 CrPc have already been issued keeping in view of the safety and security of the public of capital city of state.

He inform that it has been reported that there have been rampant earth cutting going on in various locations at Itanagar, Naharlagun, Nirjuli and Banderdewa of Itanagar Capital Complex,  such illegal earth cutting not only dangers human lives due to consequent landslides etc but also causes blockade to drains and river streams.

It also leads to defacement of public properties like Government buildings, roads, nallahs, culverts, storm water drains, etc. These illegal earth cutting also leads to blockage/damages of Right of Way (RoW) on the NH 415 and other sector roads. Such blockades are frequent in monsoon season and there is need to take early action to avoid such mis-happenings during monsoon,

It have also found that these illegal earth cutting have in previously causes obstruction and also poses threat to life and property, after destruction there have been lots of hue and cry among the citizens and therefore we in advance need to remain alert and vigilant and should avoid such earth cutting at least  during the monsoon season for next three month.

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A help line for any disaster have been available for the citizens and anyone can contact at helpline No-1077. He also warned to all those who are found violating the prohibitory order as per law and action will be taken and the sector magistrate and administrative officers of the capital complex have been alerted.

He further said that in view of incessant rainfall during the past couple of days, it has been observed that massive landslides/mudslides/floods/road blockades leading to loss of properties may occur within the Capital Complex. There is apprehension of causing damages to lives and properties of those staying near landslide zones, hills or valleys side slopes or flood path and other vulnerable the interest of safety and security of those staying in the vulnerable areas stated herein above, it is expedient to shift them to safer areas/locations to avoid untoward incidents/loss of lives and properties.

 He further clarified that those deliberately staying in landslide areas or water path areas along the rivers, nallahs, streams and hill side at their own risk, shall not be entitled to claim any compensation whatsoever in future.


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