Arunachal: Scrutiny of EVM of Palin, Koloriang completed- DC

Scrutiny of all EVM of Palin and Koloriang Constituency completed- Santosh Kumar Rai, DC, Kurung Kumey.



Scrutiny of all EVMs of 18 Palin and 21 Koloriang have been completed on Wednesday while scrutiny of 20 Tali could not possible due to non arrival of EVM of 18 Zara polling station, said Deputy commissioner cum District Election Officer Kurung Kumey district, Santosh Kumar Rai.

Rai said that almost all the EVM of the Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi district which goes to poll on April 11 and re-poll on April 27 have arrived earlier at the district headquarter except one of 18 Zara Polling station of 20 Tali assembly constituency of Kra Daadi district for which we were waiting.

Due to bad weather the helicopter could not fly and the EVM of Zara alongwith the polling personnels and other polling materials could not arrived from PIpsorang of Tali. However the scrutiny process of 19 Nyapin assembly constituency have already been done. He said.

Scrutiny of the EVMs of 18 Palin and 21 Koloriang assembly constituency was completed as per ECI guidelines in presence of contesting candidates/their election agents and election observer by the Returning officer.

There were several grievances of both assembly constituency which placed either by the candidate or election agent of the candidate who were present during the scrutiny which was heard. He said.

The grievances which were raised by the candidates and their election agent and their points have been included in the report which have been sent to Election Commission of India (ECI). Any further poll or repoll depend upon the ECI. DEO Rai added.

Simultaneously we are also preparing for the counting of the votes which have been slated to be held on May 23. He further said.

It is to mention that the state goes to simultaneous poll on April 11 wherein election for 57 assembly seat were held and two parliamentary seats were held. 3 candidates were declared unopposed.

Re-poll for 19 polling station in eight district were held on April 20 while 18 poling station in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi was held on April 27.

There are 2022 polling station with a 798248 electors in state while 181 candidates for assembly while 7 candidate for Arunachal West and 5 in Arunachal East parliamentary constituency respectively.

Repoll on April 20 was held at Nachiban in 7 Bomdila, Jomoh in 8 Bameng,  Yangfo, Tagampu and Pipu in 9 Chyangtajo, Deed and Pania in 16 Yachuli, Bayor, Laya and Rebi in 24 Daporijo, Nasi in 26 Dumporijo, Kamki Dego in 27 Liromoba, Sogum in 28 LIkabali, Mesing in 35 Pangin, Wagunpathar, Nongtaw Khamti, Wingseng Nongtaw in 47 Namsai, Longhua village in 58 Kanubari and Longkhao in 59 Longding-Pumao assembly constituency respectively.

The re-polling in 18 polling station which goes to re-poll on April 27 are six polling station in 18 Palin, three in 19 Nyapin, three in 20 Tali while six polling station in 21 Koloring assembly constituency. Palin and Tali are in Kra Daadi district while Nyapin and Koloring in Kurung Kumey district.

The Sangram, Joru,, Challo, Amsukpinja, Restaring and Rakso of 18 Palin assembly constituency, Gimba, Korehappa and Zara of 20 Tali, Cheki, Pating and Kambang of 19 Nyapin while Damin, Taba, Langbang, Nampe, Nikoriang and Pani in 21 Kolorinag assembly constituency.


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