Itanagar: Collapsing culvert in ESS sector poses threat  

Residents appeal the administration to stop the plying of vehicle at dangerous culverts which is at the verge of collapse at ESS Sector.


The collapsing culvert in ESS sector poses threat to the commuters and if plying of vehicle not stop then a massive road mishap can take place.

The local resident of ESS Sector appeal the capital district administration to stop the plying of vehicle on the arterial road of Upper ESS Sector through dangerous culvert which is sinking and at the verge of collapse to avert any untoward incident.

The locals said that there have been several accident in past and even few lives have been lost few years back. Even inspite of warning by the PWD and issue of prohibitory order by the capital administration the commuters are plying in two wheeler and even four wheeler and the said culvert pose serious threat for the commuters and serious accident may takes place any time.

PWD Capital Division B Executive Engineer Tarh Gunkap when contacted said that the said culvert pose serious threat and any accident may takes place. We have erected warning signal and the said area was fenced but no one listen to the warning and continue to cross the said culvert which is not at all in the interest of the public.

Commuters and vehicle owners should not use the said road as it is not suitable for use at present in rainy season. He said.

He further said that several correspondence have been made previously to the capital district administration and disaster management for grant of fund for restoration of the said critical point near ESS Sector which connect Raj Bhawan, Circuit House, Ganga via Capital SP Office which is at the verge of collapse, most of the portion of the road have been washed away by torrential rain and the said culvert is hanging like a cliff,  at present it is unsafe and was close after warning signal was erected at both end of the culvert and the area was fenced for safety measures.

Gunkap said precautionary measure need to be taken in view of safety and security of the commuters and appeal the commuters not to use the said raid.

State government have approved some fund and tender process will immediately started in view of the urgency and nature of work for public importance after election process is completed and work will be started as soon as the tender process is completed. Gunkap added.


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