Itanagar: Capital gets new Packaged drinking water plant

Director of Industries Habung Donyi inaugurated new Packaged drinking water plant in Capital Complex .


Director of Industries Habung Donyi today appeal the entrepreneur of state to invest money in establishment of different Industries for fast growth and development of state.

Donyi was addressing the launching programme of Karadadi Industries ( Packaged drinking water plant ) with brand “ Saadar” here at Zingang colony, Papu Nallah.

Donyi said that “all entrepreneurs need to shoulders their responsibility for industrialisation and development of state in general. Industries are mother of all development and also generate employment opportunities. There are various schemes of central and state government for involvement of entrepreneurs in different field of production and manufacturing units which would economic sustainability and economic development of the  area as well as state.

Former MLA KIpa Babu in his address said that he have been supporting all those people who want to share their energy and mind for the development of area and state. He urge upon all likeminded to be cooperative in nature while helping others so that the pace of development reach to everyone irrespective of tribe and religion.

Project Coordinator Kipa Tachung Pajik while said that he have got lots of harassment and wasted time and energy during getting several certificate and to obtain the licence which took more than 4 years, the project costing around 1.5 crore have been established for production of packaging drinking water and will  tried to cater the local needs of the capital complex and it’s adjoining area. The machine set up with a capacity of 2000 package drinking water in an hour and hope it would fulfilled the present need of the area.

Several officers of Industries department which include Deputy Director Goli Angu,  DDI (HQ) Geto Ori, ADDI (Capital Complex) Gyamar Tabing, DDIFI Kabam Nada, ADO Capital Complex Nabam Nakam, Karadadi Industries senior Manager Suman Gupta among others also address the gathering.


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