Itanagar: Woman planting sapplings by the road side is giving us a lesson

Itanagar:  A women seen planting sapling on road divider of NH-415 at 0 point tinali,  few minutes after the lockdown begins in capital complex on Monday evening, giving a lesson of all of us to use this lockdown for betterment of the society.

When asked, she informed that she is a family member of former Minister Gojen Gadi and reside near by.


agar niyat saaf ho to kisi kaam men rukaavat naheen aati”

She has planned to plant few saplings but due to huge traffic jam for last few days could not planted.

But today when lockdown begins, and traffic went off the road, she has been able to plant saplings.

This lockdown will continue for seven days.  during these period she planned to plant more saplings and hope that within these days the plant will start growing.


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