Itanagar- Remove building materials from road side- Potom issued show cause

Itanagar- Additional District Magistrate (ADM) cum Highway Administrator Talo Potom issued ‘Show Cause notice to more than 50 person’  with a  deadlines to remove their building materials kept on the road side which is creating hindrance to passerby and moving vehicles.


During an eviction drive at Chimpu on NH-415 today afternoon, Potom said that ” the depositing building materials, condemn vehicles on roadside also create nuisance and obstruction to others and also damage the road surface too. People should understand these problems, he said.

Potom who is also Highway Administrator, today warned all those who do not obey the order issued by his court and also to those who do not remove their building materials and debris from the National highway-415 according to  given time  frame.

I have started enforcing of the order and started the eviction drive which will continue from Chimpu to A Sector near Todo Hotel. Several construction is also seen on the roadside of NH-415 and Highway department has been requested to take necessary action in phase manner. he said.

Eviction will continue in sectors and colonies if such activities continue and simultaneously notice is being served from 0 Point Tinali to Jullang Try junction on NH-415 between Itanagar- Naharlaugn. Potom added.

We should be law abiding citizen and need to understand several dos and donts which are made for the convenient of masses and welfare of the people, Potom further said.


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