Itanagar: BJP Protest against China, Burn Xi Jinping’s effegy

ITANAGAR:  The State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers today staged protest and burnt effigy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, against the Chinese intcursion in Upper Subanisiri district .

Speaking to the media, Spokesperson – State BJP Techi Necha claims that the Chinese repeatedly had claimed Arunachal as their territory and doing  such incursion in Arunachal’s territory. We strongly condemn such an act of the Chinese and want to send a strong message to China that we are Indian and shall remain Indian.

The said location was occupied in 1959 during the Congress regime and Congress failed to protect the area and even failed to develop the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, alleged Necha.

When asked about any failure in intelligence report or negligence of central government despite the repeated caution by BJP MP from Arunachal East, Tapir Gao in the Parliament, BJP Spokesperson asserted that there is no ignorance but due to some diplomatic region center might be taking time to respond.


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