Final survey for self demolition on NH-415 began from Chandranagar


The final survey on NH-415 for self demolition began here today fro  Chandranagr which have been supervised by Executive Magistrates and others. The survey was held in presence of building owners of of mostly were present.


The standoff between the public  (Commercial building owners) and the administration began to neutralised after the final survey began here today which started from bridge Point of Chandranaagr.

 The survey started under the supervision of  Executive Magistrate and EAC Tame Yajum, Liken Koyu, Itanagar EAC Jiken Bomjen, Highway Asstiant Engineer L Tedi in presence of executive members of Capital complex commercial building owners association President Nabam Nekia, Itanagar Unit President Taro Tagia.

Talking to arunachal24  Tame Yajum said that we are practically measuring the structure one by one in presence of the building owners or representative who so ever available, some of the representative are not available and we are pasting the measurement in that particular preemies. These structure will be dismantled and preferable it would be demolished by the building owner themselves.

 After survey they need to submit photo of the structure before  and after demolition. The beneficiaries shall be given a relief from the administration for it which have been approved by the government recently. But the applicants/beneficiaries need to submit their document if any with photographs latest by August 12 Yajum said.



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