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Crime In NFR Area Has Come Down- NFR Authority


Due to the efficient effort of the Railway Security Force, the amount of crime across the areas of North Eastern Railway  ( NFR  ) has come down to a tremendous level.

In the last month of July, about 16 thief’s were being arrested and a total amount of 55, 867  was being recovered as well. 144 people were being also arrested who were involved in crimes such as pulling train chains, involvement in broker related activities, entering women’s compartment, etc.

In the aforesaid month, a person was also taken into custody for  alcohol consumption. Several illegal items amounting to Rs 36,34552 was also recovered and 8 people were also arrested involved in the matter.

It should also be noted that children’s involved in trafficking were also recovered from various stations and were accordingly handed over to their respective guardians and also to several NGO’s.

Along with the recovered items, 5 people found to be indulged in those crime related activities were handed over to Railway Police Force for further investigation.



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