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Cash awards & Certificates for UGC-NET & Assam-TET qualified students of RGU


Royal Global University (RGU) felicitated 20 of its students who cleared UGC – NET and Assam-TET examinations, December 2019 with Rs.50,000/-, Rs.10,000/- and Certificates of Appreciation on 17 January 2020.

They were felicitated by Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, Prof. A.K.Buragohain, Chairperson (Academic), Ms.Angira Mimani, Registrar, Prof (Dr.) Krishna Baruah, RSL,   Prof.(Dr.) Amarendra Rajput, RSAPS and other senior members.

Two students were felicitated with Rs.50,000/- and Certificates of Appreciation, 15 students with Rs.10,000/- and  Certificates of Appreciation and 3 Ph.D Scholars with  Certificates of Appreciation. The 15 students from the Dean’s Listers of 2019-20 were also felicitated with Certificates of Appreciation.

Prof. (Dr.) S.P Singh addressing the students stated that ‘sufferings self-motivate a person to reach higher goals.’ Being good in academics is not enough but should also be in extra-curricular activities and if in sports too, it’s a hat trick of success for a lifetime!  One should keep pushing oneself for achieving the best yet never be satisfied until one reaches the zenith of success.

He firmly believes that suffering is the means to success. He also asked the students to be competent in basics of education / subject with passion and hard work and concentrate well to channelize the energy in a positive direction.

Prof. A.K Buragohain stated that student motivation is essential for every institution and faculty as guides will support and encourage them in all times. He further spoke on how precious human life is and that one will be taller if one has stronger foundation in the building of education.

The 17 cash awardees who were felicitated with Rs.50,000/, and Certificates of Appreciation are  Mr. Igo Lollen, M.Sc. EVS, Ms. Rifa Deka, MA J& MC.

Students felicitated with 10,000/- and Certificates of Appreciation are Mr. Akhinur Sultan, Ms. Nayana Bora, Mr. Saman Ali, Mr. Ashraful Rahman  from M.Sc. Physics, Ms. Pragati Chutia, Ms. Papuli Konwar , Mr. Saddam Hussain, Ms. Hussain Swabnam Sadika, Mr. Mujakkir Hussain, Ms. Ankana Kalita, Mr. Ujjal Saikia from M.Sc. Chemistry, Mr. Mofidus Zaman from M.Sc. Botany and Mr. Sofiur Rohman Khan, Mr. Rofique Islam, Mr. Shahil Rana Bhuyan from M.Sc. Zoology. Ph.D. Fine Arts Scholars, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Mr.Kishan Bagdi and Mr. Laishram Samson Singh were given Certificates of Appreciation only.


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