Assembly session from Oct 13, many burning issue would be discuss



By Manoj Singh

The thirteen session of the sixth legislative assembly will commence from October 13 and will continue till October 18.  During this session many burning  issue confronting the state will be discuss.

The first day of the session shall began with obituary reference in respect of Late Jomde Kena (Former Minister Health & Family Welfare), former Minister Tadik Chije, former MLA Julley Siji.

The Assembly sources said that many important and burning issue of state is likely to take up by various members from ruling and opposition benches subject to public interest and development of state.

APLA Speaker T. N. Thongdok said that the important issue like discussion on Chakma-Hajong and resolution would be adopted there of.  Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy (TRP) issue will also be there. Modification of rules of some committee of House. Few bills which got ascent of the governor will also placed in the house would be there and discussion.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bamang Felix while said that there are many business of the government which would taken up in the assembly for discussion and consideration of the house.

When contacted Leader of Opposition Takam Pario of PPA  said that direction have been issued to all members of PPA to make it convenient to attend the session and support important and genuine issues in the interest and development of state which would be raised by the ruling government and other members.

We are in opposition, we have also raised Chakma-Hajong issue and TRP issue and will participate, we would also see that important issue would be raised or placed after viewing the situation arise which we have planned. Pario said.

We would oppose any issue which does not seems to be important in respect of development and in common interest for people of state Pario added.

When contacted Former Chief Minister and Sagalee MLA Nabam Tuki of INC Party while informed Arunachal24  that he would take up the issue for providing of facilities to GB/HGB in respect of  electricity bill, phone/mobile connectivity, Television set etc.

Providing of opportunity to indigenous and local people in getting work order/contract system as per CPWD manual to benefit local and indigenous people of state. Issue relating to on-going agitation by students of NIT.



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