Assam Surgeon Dr Dhani Ram Barua claimed Cure for HIV-AIDS



HIV CELLDr. Dhaniram Baruah,  a cardiac surgeon based in Guwahati, Assam, has claimed that he has made a cure for HIV-AIDS via genetic engineering. Dr. Baruah expressed the view that many patients carrying the HIV positive virus may not be detected through traditional tests, and therefore, he felt that genomic mapping is one possible solution for detection and cures. 265 HIV/AIDS  & 6 GTIDS patients who have been successfully treated by Dr. Baruah are leading normal and healthy lives today.

The doctor has written to WHO, UNAIDS and National Institute of Health (US), asking them to authenticate his study after conducting tests.

Complete Text of Dr Barua’s Press release is here

“Death favours no one, so is Human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS/GTIDS .” HIV infection has become indispensable and invincible, neither it can be knocked out nor it can be knocked down. It is genetically variant and functionally virulent. Since few decades, several scientific groups from all part of the globe have carried out quite substantial research with no success. Any dreaded disease which cannot be rooted out at genomic level, it will recur again and again. Hence, I always insist to root out any dreaded disease at genomic level”. 

 Dr Barua said ” I thought why it is impossible to kill this virus or is it nature’s curse that it wants to wipe off the human race and built the new planet? It is a fact that human has gone too far and probably it is the curse of the nature to retaliate against the destruction. Although science is developed so much, but science failed to stop destructive events of the nature like tsunami. Similarly, HIV has gone deeper and deeper and spread like a bonfire and transmitting from one generation to other and still it is going on and I fear, it will destroy entire of human race”.                                                                                                                                                                                     

HIV ends with manifestation of AIDS. Almost 70% of human race is suffering from this dreaded disease- some are known or some are unknown, some are recorded or some are not recorded, which are more in comparison. I found children born to HIV infected parents do not show sign of HIV infection. In reality, they all have this disease at genomic level, but at surface level, they show negative results and mislead majority parents. I have found this for the first time and named it as “Genomically Transmitted Immune Deficiency Syndrome (GTIDS)”, where microRNAs are not increased in numbers, but miRNA targeted genes are mutated and dysfunctional. We have treated those patients with Baruah Biological Combat  Genes to combat these detrimental mutation to give smooth prolong healthy sustainable lives.  One of the major cause of the spread HIV/AIDS is GTIDS, a dreaded disease caused by germ-line mutation and AIDS is the disease caused by somatic mutations. There are two different scenarios. AIDS is surmountable, but GTIDS is beyond surmountable. GTIDS spread generations after generations and will continue to spread till entire planet is infected. It is humanly impossible to stop it. Forget about eradication!!! When AIDS patient dies, it is end of it. But surprisingly, IVF child borne from HIV infected parents is always infected with HIV and not GTIDS. The results of these studies, I have documented in these books.


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