Arunachal: Wining election unopposed is not a good sign for a healthy democracy- Techi Kaso

ITANAGAR: Wining a election unopposed or uncontested is not sign of a healthy democracy, stated Itanagar MLA and Janta Dal United ( JDU ) leader Techi Kaso. He was addressing a Municipal election rally.


Addressing the party rally at Gopur Tinali, for JDU candidate, Kaso said that ” for a healthy democracy, people should allow to participate in the festival of democracy ie, election and select their right representative whom they want.

But here in this Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat and Municipal polls”  it has been observed that thousands of  candidates from Municipal and panchayat declared elected unopposed which has curtailed the democratic right of lakhs of voters and termed it as not a good sign for a healthy democracy. Kaso said”.

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Referring to the news items which ranked the Itanagar as among the 10th dirty city of the country was only due to non conduct of municipality election timely.

Meanwhile JDU state President Ruhi Tagung inform that ” we are partner and alliance with BJP in centre and in Bihar. Earlier we planned to have a friendly fight with BJP,  but it is quite different what has been observed in our state. we should understand the situation and decided to  allow the voters to choose their representatives.


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