Itanagar: Felix inaugurates “Verifation Mela”

Twenty Two thousand application form for verification distributed in verification mela held at Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli.



Minister for Home & Border Affairs, Bamang Felix on Sunday launched a ‘Verification Registration’ here at DK Conventional Hall in the presence of local MLA, Techi Kaso, DGP S.B.K Singh, Capital SP, Tumme Amo and other dignitaries.

This is the first ever verification registration mela organized in the state. It is a joint initiative by the Capital Police and the Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) along with the District Administration, the Market Welfare Associations of Itanagar, Naharlagun & Nirjuli which aims to identify & verify outsiders and even the locals residing as a tenants in the Capital Complex.

Felix in his address said that the verification system is to provide peace for all. “It is not only that the process is to keep in track of people of any offence but most importantly it is to get in touch with them,” said Felix.

“Arunachal was once peaceful state but lately we are witnessing rise in crime rate. One of the reasons is due to the floating of population. And it is important to know about the people we are living with,” he added.

Stating that the Home department is committed to provide peace in the state, he said “If anyone try to disturb the peaceful co-existence of the society, we will not tolerate.”

He further stressed that the verification process is for the safety of the people and added that peace in the state is top priority.

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“The verification process is not only for those people from other states but it is mandatory for those living in a rented house in Capital complex, who does not have permanent address here,” informed Felix stating that another mela will be organized on 21st July again.

“After the month of July, the police will start checking and if anyone is found without verification he/she will be considered as liable. It can amount to imposition of fine and punishment, even both,” said Felix urging the people to cooperate with the police.

Local MLA Techi Kaso stated that the verification process is not only to track any offenders, it can be used for helping in time of need. “If anyone is sick or for that matter met with an accident, it will be much easier for the police to locate the family members and inform,” added Kaso. He further urged the owners of any business established and organization to assist the staffs in getting the verification done.

SP Capital, Tumme Amo said that this step will help the police and administration in detecting, identifying as well as preventing the crimes in the area.

“Out of the total population in the capital, the floating population comprises of about 50% of the total populace. These comprises of residents from other districts and outsiders especially migrant labourers coming to the capital for work and other services etc., but we have no proper knowledge about them,” said SP stating that it is important to know about those people living around us.

“Many times it is seen that people from outside of the state commits crime in capital, mostly cheating, kidnapping etc, and later run away to their home states or different states for shelter. At such juncture it becomes very difficult for the police to track and nab such criminals. This identity and address verification will help us in solving such cases sooner or later. Also, by verifying outsiders we can also keep a check on any criminals from other states from entering our home state,” he added.

He further urged all denizens of capital complex are requested to spread awareness of the same and participate on the said dates, to make our capital safe and crime free.

Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) President Tarh Nachung informed the media that round Twenty Two thousand application forms were issued today from the three venues and around hundreds of filled up forms have also been submitted today itself. He said that mostly today turned up are from business communities. He also urge upon all to get registered their tenants, house maid servants, staffs of government and private offices/establishment etc so that they can have their identity proved and verified in all cases.


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