Arunachal: Si Donyi festival celebrated at Naharlagun

All festival gives us a message for happy leaving in peace, communal harmony, prosperity and development.


Minister for Education, Cultural Affairs and Dept of Indigenous affairs Taba Tedir today appeal all stake holders including community leaders from various tribes of state to join hands for protection, preservation and promotion of our indigenous culture and tribal identity.

Addressing the Si Donyi festival celebration here at Naharlagun Si Donyi festival celebration ground at A Sector amid huge gathering, Tedir said due to emergence of western culture our children now a days hesitate to speak own dialect and not wanted to wear traditional dress which is not a good sign and not in the interest for the indigenous movement.

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He said time has come and there is urgent need to educate our children who are our future and will guide the state and nation in future. We need to impart our childrens and ward to speak our own dialects at home so that our own dialect remain intact. He said.

All festival gives us a message for happy leaving in peace, communal harmony, prosperity and development. We celebrate these festival for better living on this earth and the priest chanting is for preservation of wild life, environment and get away from evil spirit for happy living and better future. Our forefather has also celebrated these festival which need to impart our children for preservation of our environment and mother earth, Tedir said.

State government has created the department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) which will look after for promotion of cultural identity of tribal community and state. DIA is also looking for promotion of third language of various tribes in various parts of state, Tedir informed.

Guest of honour, Tali MLA Jikke Tako in his address said that various tribes of state celebrate different festival based on ethos and mythology  for bumper harvest. We need to maintain our own dialect and use our traditional dress to promote our local traditional dress to other so that our tribal identity remain intact.


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