Arunachal : Roaming domestic animals on roads cause of increasing accident




By Manoj Singh 

The domestic animals roaming here and there on NH-415 and other sector roads in capital complex is one of the cause of increase accident in and around capital complex .

One Young boy without naming said that I work at Bank Tinali but resident is at Naharlagun and it is very unfortunate that I meet with an accident not collided with other vehicle or pedestrian but with a pig at Papu Nallah in evening and broke my leg and I have to stay in Hospital for more than a month.

One lady driving Scooty being a college student said that I use to go to college daily but what to say that a dog suddenly cross the road and to save myself I fell down and damaged my snooty as well my Pelion rider students friend yesterday.

When asked about this problem , to IMC Chief Municipal Executive Officer Dr. Olik Taring, said that we are aware of the problem being faces by the capital dwellers and due to such freely loitering of stray and pet animals there have been nuisance and accident created and are obstruction to free flow of the traffic movement. We have series of meeting with IMC Councillor and Ward members along with 30 NGO of 30 Wards right from Chimpu to Banderdewa and decided to get rid of such nuisance. 5 Magistrate and 5 Assistant Engineer of IMC are ready to get into the job and they would start their work very soon.

A place have been identified at Karsingsa Veterinary Complex where such animals will be kept and after doing all formalities those animals will be auctioned.

Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital Complex Prince Dhawan when contacted said that he have information and taking a cognisance of the problems.

The Itanagar district Magistrate  have issued an executive Order vide DM/CC/01/2017 on February 7 2018 in this connection so that that such or any dangerous animals  should be destroyed, confined or otherwise disposed of which are creating lots of problems and nuisance as well as danger for free flow of the traffic movement.

Dhawan said that even after repeated notices, warning and impounding, the owners are not taking any adequate measures to keep these animals confined at their rearing place which need to removed by the owner concerned. As such several meeting with Sector Magistrate have been appointed in capital complex for the purpose and soon all such animals will be evicted.


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One Comment

  1. Accidents are increasing mostly due to;
    1. The quality of road.
    2. No traffic symbols and signs where necessary.
    3. No maintenance and check and balance of road on regular basis.
    4. No quality education institution.
    5. Less employment.
    6. Muscle Power.
    These are the issues to be brought up which will automatically solve the problem you’ve mentioned.

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