Arunachal: Former Director (IPR), Tayeng felicitates retired teacher Palonty Yirang Tayeng

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )-  In a bid to recognize and acknowledge the contribution made in the field of teaching, especially for the people of Lower Mebo (Monggu Banggo), retired teacher Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng of Borguli village was felicitated by Obang Tayeng, retired Director, IPR, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh in the presence of Borguli village Service Union members, Gaon Burahs and senior citizens of the village today.

While felicitating Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng, Obang Tayeng said that, most of the present who and who of Mebo area, especially of Monggu Banggo are her students who taught her students with utmost dedication and sincerity. “Had it not been dedicated teachers like Mrs Tayeng during the 60s, we wouldn’t have been educated and served the state government under various capacities including rising to the post of Director, IPR. Tayeng who also retired from the post of Director, IPR two months ago remembers Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng as one of the most dedicated teacher of the then Primary School Borguli when he had joined as a pre-primary student during 1966-67 along with another teacher Badan Chandra Kakoty.

“Once while sitting in my office I recalled my memories, who taught us to read and write as our parents were illiterate and were not familiar with sending their wards to school during those days. However, teachers like Mrs Tayeng and Kakoty taught us well like their own children and also convinced our parents to send their wards to school due to which our parents continued sending us in school”, added Obang Tayeng.

The decision to felicitate Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng in admiration and recognition of her dedicated service came spontaneously, added Tayeng who was seemingly contended over felicitating his most revered teacher Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng who retired from service during the year 2002. During those early days, students from neighbouring villages like Ngopok, Kiyit and others also attended school in Borguli

While attending the felicitation programme at the residence of Mrs. Tayeng in Borguli village on Sunday, Borguli Service Union, President, Kokpak Lego expressed his thankfulness and kindness to Obang Tayeng for remembering the great contribution of Mrs Tayeng. “We are all taught by Mrs Tayeng and as a teacher by myself, I am very delighted to see her service getting recognized by Tayeng”, added Lego.

Meanwhile, Mrs Palonty Yirang Tayeng also expressed her happiness over the felicitation by her student like Obang Tayeng who has also retired from active government service. She had joined as Assistant Teacher (B) in the Primary School Borguli during April 1958 and since then she continued her dedicated service in teaching the children as education was uncommon during those days and literary rates were very low then. “Among my students three of them rose to the post of directors and I am delighted over it. I am personally speechless for the love and respect shown to me by Obang Tayeng”, added Smti Palonty Yirang Tayeng.

It is worth mentioning here that, the Primary School Borguli then which was later upgraded to ME/Middle school, then to Secondary school and then to present Higher Secondary school level is one of the oldest schools across the district and the state.

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