Arunachal: First batch released from opium de addiction and rehabilitation centre


The First batch of 35 inmates all from Pumao village admitted in a opium de addiction and rehabilitation centre set up at Tissing river were release on Monday.


‘They went through intense medical treatment, detoxification phase initially for 2 weeks. Thereafter we gave medical and psychosocial treatment keeping daily input sessions on understanding the disease of addiction and its harmful effects. We also held personal counselling, spiritual experiences, therapeutic duty assignment etc. ‘ Informed Dr Wangnai Wangsu who is the over all incharge of the centre.

Next batch from Maihua village has been admitted yesterday after following all the procedures needed to be admitted in the centre… like preliminary investigation where they were screened for communicable diseases, hypertension, diabetes UTI etc. Blood grouping, and Hb% was also done.’ Dr. Wangsu inform.

Honluk Lukham principal of the ODA&RC shared that initially it was very tough to handle the situation. As many of the addicts were of my father’s and grandfather’s age, it was too tough a job to convince them. But visits of many NGOs leaders, Spiritual leaders, Govt officers and many well wishers to the centre has made all the differences. Counselling session done by these people help the inmates change their mindset altogether. And they started cooperating the staffs.’

I would like to make special mention Er Ajay Mortem, the president is All Pei Welfare Society’ who came all through the way from Itanagar to visit the camp and gave counselling here.’ The principal applauded.

‘ To be honest I never thought that I could leave without opium. But the treatment and counselling given over here has change my life. It’s like a rebirth for me and I am excited to meet my family. I have already realise the folly I have been doing to myself and my family.’ Said one of the inmate before leaving the camp.

Meanwhile the local MLA Thangwang Wangham and the deputy commissioner Longding VS Mallik congratulates the inmates and wishes for their successful life ahead.

‘ It has been my dream to make my constituency and my entire district an opium free district. It’s only a first step and we have long way to go. This first batch of 35 inmates should play the role of messenger and should not fall back to their old habit.’ Mr Wangham appeal.

L Naam circle officer and Member Secretary ODA&RC applauded the tremendous effort put in by the dedicated staffs to handle the addicts. ‘Despite all odds you people have really done a humane service for them.’ He said.


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