Arunachal: drug peddler arrested in Pasighat, 890 grm Ganja seized

Joint operation conducted by Pasighat Police and WASE team


The Pasighat police arrested one drug peddler and seized  890 grm Ganja at Raneghat Saturday market area with the help of Women Against Social Evils (WASE) activists on Wednesday last.


As per WASE President, Yamik Dulom Darang, ”  the team WASE received an information from a reliable source that a drug peddler was selling drug, and immediately passed this information to the police”.

On the basis of that information a  joint operation was conducted by WASE and the Police one Jonh Megu was found hiding a bag and on checking the bag several roles and packets of ganja (cannabis) were found totaling around 890 grams”, informed WASE President, Yamik Dulom Darang.

Drug peddler Megu was arrested immediately from the spot  and accordingly an FIR was also lodged by WASE team in the Pasighat PS.

 “The fight against drugs will always be continued by WASE as it is the main evil of the society today. The menace of drug abuse is engulfing almost all the youths into its tentacles today.

As young as 12-13 years old children are being lured by the drug peddlers and falling prey to it”, added WASE general secretary Joya Tasung Moyong.


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