Itanagar: People wants developments- Bamang Felix

Winners of Nyapin Assembly Constituency , BJP Candidate Bamang Felix stated that people giver their mandate to BJP for development of the state. 



With the motives of developments of state we the BJP party come out to the election battle field and people of State supported BJP and finally bring BJP government once again in Arunachal Pradesh, said Bamang Felix  who elected MLA from the Nyapin Assembly Constituency today.

Speaking to media person here today at Itanagar during his reception programme after winning the election Felix, who defeated his opponent with margin of 158 votes in Nyapin ST Assembly Constituency, He said that he will try to do whatever he commented to people of his constituency for the welfare of the Nyapin Constituency.

however after formation of BJP government in state development process picked up  but its need more to improve,  especially road communication, Health and education sectors.

Felix assured that in his tenure he will be complete 100 percent in road communication and he also said that this time BJP Government will focus on human resource development to improve the human value with supports of center.

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