Arunachal: Chowna Mein attends Oriah Festival of Wancho Community


Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein today graced the Oriah festival of Wancho community here on Sunday.

Giving paramount importance to re-opening of the Stilwell road, Mein said that the state government will form a committee on Stillwell Road Development and would appeal Govt of India for prioritizing on restoration of this road by both the countries, India and Myanmar, as it would be mutually beneficial for both sides. He said that the road would further deepen the age old cultural linkage and help promote spiritual tourism.

Mein reiterated that North East region is the gateway to the ASEAN countries in India and Myanmar shows the route to India to larger ASEAN nations and he emphasized on re-opening of the Stilwell Road or Ledo Road so that it will ease travel and cut distance for people living on either side of the area  and it would also act as catalyst for cross border trade.

Mein further opined that India’s ‘Act East Policy’ is on the lines of improving people to people contact which is fundamentally envisaged for building socio-cultural relations, increasing trade ties, promoting tourism and developing the economic scenario of the South East Asian region through outreach initiatives.

Mein also raised the issue related to create infrastructure and for better development of the border areas in the state to curb migration from border villages.

He stated that there is every possibility for Arunachal Pradesh to become the fruit bowl of country. The State has the potential to become one of the tourist hotspots in India but the need of the hour is how to utilize these natural resources to our advantage to draw more tourists, he added.

“Arunachal Pradesh is a land of multi-tribes and each and every tribes have their own distinct cultural identity,” said Mein and called upon the youths for promotion, preservation and protection of their age old tradition and culture.

Arunachal: Chowna Mein attends Oriah Festival of Wancho Community

He said that it is during such festival, we can showcase our rich cultural heritage and traditions which we have inherited from our fore fathers.

“I must commend the Wancho Community for jealously preserving and for protecting their rich cultural heritage despite the challenges of modernization and western influence,” added Mein.

He informed that the state government is  providing every possible support for the protection, preservation and promotion of the indigenous tribal cultures which is dwindling away day by day.

Mein who has been personally advocating for the preservation of the old practice traditional system and rituals in digital form or in documentation. Informed that government will provide every possible support to every tribe for carrying out  research and documentation work to safeguard their culture and tradition.

He informed that government have provided some fund to the research department last year to make documentation of traditional healing system of Idu-Mishmi, which is in the verge of completion.

Mein added that the state government is an all inclusive government and willing to involve and take all along in the development process and called upon all the Community Based Organizations, NGOs and Educated youths to come forward with their innovative ideas and suggestions to incorporate in the budget 2020.

He advocated to develop creativity and innovativeness to add value to talents in weavings, handicrafts making and wood carving and market this products to the outside world.

Taking the opportunity, he urged the youths to shun consumption of drugs/opium and asked them to take responsibility for building up the Society.

He said that state has rich pool of young talents and the need of the hour is to instill confidence and prepare them to be determined and competitive.

Government has launched many subsidized schemes, informed Mein and  appealed the youths to take full benefits of the government subsidized schemes for starting new entrepreneurship and to make themselves self-reliable and making them job providers instead of job seekers.

DC Capital Complex Komkar Dolum and General Secretary Oriah festival, Chingkat Wangsa also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, Mein released the Wancho Welfare Society calendar.

Various colourful dance mesmerized the audience but the warrior dance of Pongchau village was the showstopper of the Oriah festival.

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