Disaster Management, Mock Drill on Earthquake at PWD CD A office


“E”-Coy 12th Bn NDRF Itanagar (AP) conducted one day awareness programme on disaster management and mock drill on earthquake at PWD CD A office, Itanagar on Thursday.

The programme was inaugurated by the Kago Sonia (ASW), Capital division A PWD Itanagar. The programme was participated by office staff of PWD CD A  Itanagar and “E”-Coy 12th Bn NDRF Itanagar (AP) team. The main object of the drill was to check the level of preparedness and also to sensitize the village people about disaster prevention and preparedness. Prior to the drill training was imparted to all the participants of the office staff. The mock drill touched on disaster management, disaster concepts, roll and responsibilities of members, First Aid, Search and Rescue Operation, Emergency and Non Emergency Move DO’S and DON’T of earthquake mock drill.

Speaking to reporter, team commander of E-Coy 12th Bn NDRF C.S. BAL said, “The Mock drill is an ongoing exercise and we will be having similar drill in other place too. There will be a lot to learn from the Mock drill and in terms of assisting one another during times of disaster. Aimed to make  people cautions due to the various incidences of earthquakes and to work more on pragmatic lines, he said, “this mock drill will help us know where we stand and to find out the lacuna. The drill will help us prepare to face future disasters and another call will be made to provide proper training and improve.”

 After the drill, a post exercise analysis was carried out by the observers of the mock exercise which including Kago Sonia (ASW) and other officers Of PWD department. The observers urged all stakeholders to Co-ordinate their effort co-operate with each other and be ready with resources to be able to discharge their duties efficiently although some stated that the mock drill was successful. Speaking at the gathering after the assessment of the observers, the commander C.S. BAL expressed gratitude to the observers for their suggestions. He said, “Co-ordination is very important and one must not wait for instructions but to react immediately and promptly and ensure that one is there to help.”


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