Arunachal: ANSU with Admin to launch ILP checking drive

We have informed several section of society about our decision and hope everybody cooperate the administration in ILP checking drive-ANSU.



The All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) have decided to launch Inner Line Permit (ILP) checking drive on October 21 with support of Capital district administration, capital police and Magistrate.

In an interaction with media, ANSU President Toko Takam while referring to the unwanted incident occurred on 09th October 2019 at Naharlagun has taken a serious note and condemn the protest by any organisation who tries to dilute the communal harmony among the indigenous and non- indigenous people in our state.

On the day the Naharlagun township of state have witness a huge presence of non APST people who might have been staying in the capital complex without ILP which is a mandatory document under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873  (BEFR).

On this context the administration will carry ILP checking drive on October 21. The drive  being carried by police and administration and we  ANSU will only assist them, he said.

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We have informed several section of society about our decision and hope everybody cooperate the administration in ILP checking drive. Takam added.

Takam further inform that members of ANSU shall be deployed from Hollongi to Banderdewa in execution with district administration and ensure that no genuine people will harassed.

ANSU General Secretary,  Tukbom Ligu said that unlike celebration of indigenous festival and fairs in state capital the state government and district administration should also regulate celebration of several festivals all around the capital complex which create a huge traffic jam and other problems. He said that capital district administration  should ensure that specified area to celebrate Dussehra, Durga puja, Chat puja etc. for public convenient.

He inform that one should not misunderstand and create any issue as ILP checking is a established law which police and administration need to carry regularly and we are only supporting the administration. Ligu added.



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  1. My God!! After seeing this uncle fellow one does realize how extremely useless lives one can sometimes lead. At 40+ years of age he is still a student leader and instead of doing something meaningful he seems to be interested only in creating outsider and tribal division. I feel sad at such people being able to hold the progress of our state in ransom by their brainless actions. ANSU should immediately remove such people from all positions and elect people who the genuinely interesting in improving the state of education in the state and make our students more competitive. As soon as we step outside AP we understand what abysmally low is the state of scholarship of our student. People like these are responsible because instead of trying to pass one exam, they are spending time implementing ILP. Shame on you uncle.

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