Arunachal: All Anpum Students’ Union damages several areas of Opium cultivation in Anpum village

AASU team said that they faced many obstacles during the drive of damaging the opium cultivation.

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- Disturbed and concerned with the growing cases of drug addicts among the people of Anpum village under Dambuk Sub-Division of Lower Dibang Valley district in which youths are also falling prey to the addictions, the All Anpum Students’ Union (AASU) damaged several puras of opium cultivation of the villagers recently.

AASU team led by its President, Konisto Pangging and General Secretary, Marshal Megu said that they faced many obstacles during the drive of damaging the opium cultivation wherein some opium cultivators warned them of taking the student leader on a personal level and also warned them of seeing them someday. “We went house to house in the village to convince all addicted persons to stop taking opium.


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We surveyed all the fields and in the drive against drug addictions, we didn’t find or take any financial help from anyone and we only used our own pocket money for bike fuel and refreshments etc. Our only motive is to save our upcoming generation from addiction to drugs like Opium, Bhang (Cannabis) etc which are ruining the lives of several youths today in the far flung villages also besides other drugs like Heroin, Cocaine etc.”, said the AASU leaders.

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We found 30-40 youths between 16-23 age groups in our village who were taking opium but they were not fully addicted. But if they are not made aware about the ill effect of opium consumption and if opium cultivation continues in the village, one day all of them will be fully addicted and the society will be ruined, informed AASU President, Konisto Pangging.

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Kani (opium) addicts in our village are around 50 to 60 members.  Now our team of AASU started campaigning with the theme- drive against opium and addicted people are convinced. They have also started realizing that it’s a bad addiction and AASU hopes that our effort to save the people, especially the youths will keep themselves away from the drug addiction, added team AASU in a release this evening.

Anpum village under Dambuk Sub-Division in Lower Dibang Valley district is a countryside far off village from Roing, the district HQ and this village which has been a major flood victim of recent year flood damages and people here mostly lives under several troubles.

The village needs adequate government attention, especially of district administration in order to improve the condition of the village that includes health centres, schools and other government aided benefits. And more importantly, to conduct awareness against drug addictions, as such cornered villages are more prone to exploitation and becoming prey/target of drug paddlers who see them as a potential target/source of business today.


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