IMC set the future road map for the Swachh Abhiyan.



Itanagar Capital Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan informed that the Itanagar Municipal Council -IMC set the future road map for the Swachh Abhiyan. He informed that three major initiatives would be launched very soon that would augment the already existing collection and disposal of garbage in the state capital. He was speaking at a function organised by Itanagar Municipal Council at State banquet hall on Thursday .

Main focus now would be on source segregation or segregation at source. Dhavan said that two dustbins would be distributed free to every household of the city – one for recyclable waste (food wastes) and other for non-recyclable (plastic, electrical wastes). Households will have to segregate the waste and collect it in the dustbin meant for it, which will be collected by IMC separately. The recyclable waste will be then processed into fertilizers and sold off to farmers at reasonable rate. He however cautioned that households who fail to segregate waste at the source will be penalized as decided by the Empowered Committee of IMC.

“This way IMC would also earn revenue for its use,” Dhawan pointed.

Another important initiative would be launch of a new mobile app called ‘My Itanagar’, which would be available on google play store.

Dhawan explained that through this app a citizen can upload a picture of unattended garbage and the municipality will clear it within 48 hours and upload the ‘cleaned up’ picture of the same in the app. This would be witnessed by every citizen using the app.

The door-to-door garbage collection system would be taken a step further. Soon an IMC guy will actually knock the door of a household and personally collect the garbage. As of now, citizens wait for the garbage collection team to arrive at a fixed time and handover their garbage.

Another important initiative is to make citizens responsible by levying minimal civic charges for the services. This will not only earn some revenue for the Council but also connect citizens with the campaign through the mode of contributing to the cause in cash.

Incidentally the ‘civic charges’ was launched symbolically during the function besides distributing dustbins to those present.

Earlier, IMC CMEO Habung Lampung explained the process and steps taken during the last year that enabled Itanagar to better its image on the sanitation front.

Meanwhile, a host of councillors, officers, NGO involved in door to door garbage collection (Eco Tourism Society), artistes who helped in campaigning, sanitary assistants, drivers, cleaners and sweepers were felicitated for their outstanding contributions in helping remove the tag ‘third dirtiest city’ from Itanagar.


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