Modam Dini, INC candidate for Likabali,  BJP not decides till now  


Congress has issued the party ticket to Modam Dini for 28 Likabali constituency. He will file the nomination on Saturday, informed APCC General Secretary (Election & Organisation) Tamchi Tahar while talking to Arunachal24.   

Tamchi said that  the there is a single canidate for both assembly constituency who have sought for party ticket for 12 Pakke Kesang is Kameng Dolo while Modam Dini for 28 Likabali. We have issued the ticket Modam Dini for 28 Likabali constituency. Dini will file the nomination on Saturday.


The demand for party ticket in BJP is getting louder as the day of the nomination is coming nearer day by day.

The 28 Likabali seat fallen vacant after demise of sitting incumbent Cabinet Minister Late Jomde Kena and this assembly will go to poll on same day and there have been tough fight as the reliable sources from the BJP party said that there are three candidate who have sought party ticket which include Gumke Riba (who is BJP state Executive Member), Tapak Nguso (senior BJP party leader), Kardo Nyicyor (ZPM,Gensi).

The sources said that the Gumke Riba have unsuccessfully  contested even the last assembly election on BJP ticket while Nyicyor have won Panchayat election from Gensi Anchal Block on Congress party and joined BJP recently.

The fight for party ticket come to light when hundreds of youths and people on November 29 ransacked the Likabali based Mandal office of the Party and voiced against the high command of BJP of state for recommendation of party ticket in favour of Nyicyor and demanded for maintaining of party cadre based discipline

While BJP senior Vice President and Chief Spokesperson Domnic Tadar inform that there is no problem for party ticket for 12 Pakke Kesang and the campaigning is in full swing and for 28 Likabali assembly segment the ticket will be given soon while considering all pros and cons of the present local scenario. He said that the party have confident to win both seats.

Meanwhile the campaigning for the bye election  to 12 Pakke Kesang and 28 Likabali Assembly Constituency  began after the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the date of election on November 24 vide order No ECI/PN/89/2017.

The date of notification published on November 28 for both assembly constituency ie, 12-Pakke Kesang in East Kameng while the 28-Likabali in Lower Siang district of the state. The date of nomination is December 4, Date of scrutiny on December 5, Date of withdrawal of candidate on December 7,  Both constituency will go to poll on December 21 and date of counting of votes have been fixed on December 26 next.

The candidature for 12 Pakke Kesang is known to all as the election process was withheld due to recommendation by the state government for many reason including weather and flood etc. The process for election was already done as Arunachal24 have earlier highlighted that the Election Department is ready to conduct bye-election and only waiting for announcement.

Two political party were supposed to contest for and the candidate who were ready to take a direct fight was BR Bage from BJP who was to take a direct contest with the former Deputy Chief Minister and senior veteran political leader from Congress Party Kameng Dolo. There is a very less chance for change of candidate for the candidature for the 12-Pakke Kesang assembly seat this time.


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