Arunachal: ABK team visit Rottung breached point along Pasighat-Pangin TAH

They hands over Raincoats, Umbrella, Boots etc to road constructing volunteering villagers.

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )  The Adi Bané Kébang led by President,  Getom Borang and Secretary General, Okom Yosung along with Smti Olen Megu Damin, President ABKWW and other members of ABKYW, ABK E/Siang, Siang visited the road breached point of Pasighat-Pangin Trans-Arunachal Highway near Rottung village on Friday which was also attended by EE. Pasighat Highway Division and others.

The Rottung village nearby block point has hampered the road communication to various Adi districts of upper regions including West Siang & Shi Yomi district, Upper Siang etc. ABK’s visit also included an objective to motivate and urge the concerned EE, Pasighat Highway division to explore the possibility of earliest restoration of road communication through the new alternative road diversion.

While handing over certain items like  umbrellas, gumboots and raincoats for the villagers voluntarily working for alternative road construction,  Getom Borang, President ABK said that the timely and early clearance of block point of the highway near Rottung village is very crucial as it affects the entire areas of Siang, West Siang, Shi-Yomi and Upper Siang districts.

ABK’s spot verification of the breached point near Rottung and new alternative road construction site has also encouraged and motivated both the villagers of the area who are voluntarily working in road clearance work as well as Highway department workers and engineers working at the sites. ABK President, Borang also informed that the local villagers of the area are giving full cooperation to the department by freely handing over their lands for the road diversion.

The ABK delegates also held a brief discussion with the Rottung self help volunteers led by Tajir Siram and delegates from affected villages under Pangin areas led by Oyar Muang, ZPM Pangin. Muang informed that it is extremely difficult to travel by foot through the mountain passes, especially in the case of any unforeseen medical emergencies, the treacherous mountain pass will pose an impossible track, and therefore he appealed to the Highway department and the concern authorities to immediately construct a foot suspension hanging bridge at the block point for pedestrian travel. Muang also offered that, if permitted, the people of Pangin are willing to construct a foot suspension bridge over the breached point on their own, however his voluntary offer received mixed reaction from both ABK and highway officials at the site as the road breach point is extremely dangerous due to landslides.

It is important to mention here that, the ABK in its earlier effort has already met Phosum Khimhun, Adviser (PWD Eastern Zone, Highways and Central Zone –B) and also submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister, Pema Khandu for early restoration of Pasighat-Pangin Highway and Sangam Bridge. In appreciation of the humanitarian effort shown by the villagers of Rottung, The Adi Ba:né Kébang handed over 100 Nos of Umbrellas, 50 Nos of MU Boots and 50 Nos of Raincoats to the volunteering villagers for their selfless effort and assistance to the highway department in the new diversion road. “The villagers of Rottung have shown exemplary humanitarian and community service for the larger interest of Adi Community, without their determination and efforts the department will not be able to complete the new diversion road project on time” added Okom Yosung, Secretary General ABK.


The team ABK felt the urgent need of restoration of this blockade point as it is extremely important in this pandemic time. So, ABK once again requested the government for approval of proposals for restoration works submitted by the highway department. Meanwhile the Highway Department needs to explore every possibility to construct a temporary suspension foot bridge in the block point area as appealed by the affected people, since tracking through the mountain passes may prove extremely difficult for many travelers, quoted the ABK Spokesperson, Jobomchang Mengu.

Meanwhile, Er Dabe Perme, Executive Engineer, Pasighat Highway Division assured the visiting delegates that the department will clear the debris at the block point immediately to examine the possibility for construction of a temporary foot crossing hanging bridge. As of now 2 numbers of excavators, 1 front & back hoe loader (JCB) and 1 Bulldozer have already been engaged fulltime in the construction of an  alternate road from 20 Mile area through Rottung Village to the main National Highway and additional excavators are being called from Aalo, informed Er. Dabe Perme.

“The alternate road shall be completed within a period of 20 days and shall be made motorable, the block point clearance is a dangerous task and the department has already expedited the process for reconstruction, but that being a national highway scheme will invite tenders and may takes months for realization”, added Er Perme.

The team of Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing led by Sanju Taloh, Vice President, Er Jacob Siram, Secy. HQ in their second visit to the 36 KMs block point and the new diversion road observed and remarked that the specific matter of Rottung block point and Sanggam Bridge and its early restoration are utmost need of the hour for which the ABKYW team had also met Adviser to Chief Minister, Commissioner PWD, CE(Highways) and MLA, 35 Pangin-Boleng for immediate restoration and providing necessary funds for the same. In pursuance of the same, a team of ABKYW is regularly monitoring the progress of the files in Itanagar, added Joluk Minung, President ABKYW.

In addition, the functioning of the Jio Network at Rottung Village is an utmost priority, since the availability of mobile network at construction site on the alternate road diversion will benefit the site engineers for smooth functioning of the project. The same has been appealed and informed to Jio Regional Manager, Pasighat lo immediately restoring the functioning of the Jio Network at the affected area, informed Minung.

Omir Tarin VP ABK, Taho Mibang President ABK Siang District Unit, Talut Siram Gen Secy East Siang District Unit and various other executive members of ABK & ABKYW, Er. Dabe Perme Executive Engineer Pasighat Highway Division along with Er. Osek Dai Assistant Engineer Pasighat Highway Division visited the very crucial Rottung Block Point (36 kms) on the day.


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