world’s first floating city to be built in Maldives

The city will have everything like shops, restaurants, hotels, etc but floating in the water.

FLOATING CITY OF MALDIVES –   The world’s first floating city will be built in Maldives, which will be 15 minutes away from Male, the capital of Maldives. The city will have everything like shops, restaurants, hotels, etc but floating in the water.


The construction of this floating city will start on a large scale in the next year i.e. in January 2023 and it will take 4 to 5 years to be fully ready. Planners are assuming that the world will get its first floating city fully ready in the year 2027.

This floating city is being built by targeting tourism. Because tourists like to go to those areas of the world which give the fun of life differently.

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Work towards building the world’s first floating city has started in the world’s most famous tourist place Maldives. Here the area of ​​the lake in the lagoon i.e. sea lake is spread over about 500 acres. A floating city is being built here where people will be able to enjoy modernity as well as natural lifestyle.

Recently, the deal to build this floating city has been finalized between the Government of Maldives and the Dutch Docklands. The first block of houses for this floating city will be ready this month. Work is going on this and this construction will be taken to the lagoon built in the sea area and installed in the month of August itself. After this people will be able to go here and see how the houses of the world’s first floating city will be. How will people live here? What are the facilities like here?

Will all the facilities be there in this floating city?

Influenced by the technology of floating houses built in the European city of Netherlands, this city is being prepared. There will be 5000 houses in this floating city. Apart from the floating houses in this floating city, many types of floating constructions will also be seen such as hotels, shops, restaurants etc.

How to reach this floating city?

The floating city can be reached in 15 minutes from the capital Male.

This floating city can be reached through a 15-minute boat trip from Male, the capital of Maldives. This floating city, which is situated in the area of ​​the lake ie a lagoon built in the sea, is not too far from Male Airport.

Foreign people will also be able to buy a house in Floating City

This floating city project has received full support and recognition from the Maldivian government. People from abroad can also get a resident permit by booking a house here. This floating city situated in the middle of the sea will see a mixture of modern lifestyle as well as natural lifestyle. Where there will be no human settlements far and wide, then people will not have to face the situation of pollution.

How will be the transport system here?

The entire traffic system of this floating city will be based on the local maritime system. Like the city of Male, boating will be the main means of transport through the canals built here. There will be no cars, no motor bikes here. People will travel by boat in the canal built here. There will also be facility of walking on the road made of white sand. To keep pollution free, bicycles, electric wagons or scooters will also be allowed here.

Modern Lifestyle, Luxury Amenities and Look of Floating City

There will also be a separate smart grid for power supply. How will this city built on water be safe from natural calamities or how will it face challenges like weather changes, ocean waves, tsunami-like conditions or rising sea level in the next 100 years? For this also the planners are doing a complete study so that a safe city can be developed while dealing with these situations.

A good management system is being developed by making this floating city in different blocks without making it like a mega ship. Apart from this, there is less effect of ocean waves, so natural coral is being developed in the surrounding areas, which will act as a breaker for sea waves.

What can the world’s coastal cities learn from this project?

Friends, you know that the rising water level of the sea is sinking many cities of the world situated on the seashore. A study on climate has found that at least 33 cities in the world are drowning by more than 1 cm in a year.

For example, Indonesia is moving its capital 2,000 km from Jakarta to a newly built city on the island of Borneo as Jakarta is sinking.

At the same time, Mexico City, built on the soil of ancient lakes, is sinking at a rate of about 50 centimeters per year after decades of extracting underground coral for drinking water.

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If we talk about India, Mumbai, which is sinking by 0.8 cm per year, is facing floods due to increasing risk from coastal floods as well as deteriorating rains.

The rising sea level due to melting glaciers around the world is becoming a threat to the cities settled in the coastal areas. Since the year 1880, the sea level has increased from 8 to 9 inches. Whereas by the end of this century it can grow up to a foot more. Cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok, Dhaka, Houston, Jakarta, Miami, Venice are in danger of being submerged.

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Climate experts are warning that these cities will soon have to adopt innovative ways to protect themselves.

Despite all this, a floating city is being built in the Maldives. Every year 20 lakh foreign tourists come to visit Maldives from all over the world. While this floating city is being prepared for the purpose of making a tourist place, while giving the idea of ​​floating cities to the world, it can also show the way of climate innovation.

Floating technology has been used for a long time in cities in Europe, especially in cities like the Netherlands, to avoid frequent flooding and flooding.

Now in view of the danger of rising sea level, this floating city of Maldives can become an example in many cities of the world.


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