Viral Video- Women Disappears After Offering Namaz on a Tree Branch


In this age of internet, videos going viral has become commonplace but this viral video might still surprise anyone who happens to watch it. This video from Jaunpur, UP shows a women offering namaz on a narrow tree branch situated at a considerable height from the ground.


Onlookers were amazed to see a women appear suddenly on a tree branch and offer namaz  without any harness or support. What makes this entire incident more interesting is that no one from Kerakat village (near Jaunpur), where this incident took place, knows where the woman went after offering her prayers. Even in this video, a crowd of amazed onlookers can be seen below the tree on which the women is offering namaz.



A video was recently shared on the internet after which news of this incident reached far and wide. Locals say that the women has been repeating this routine daily since she was first sighted and no one knows exactly who she is or how does she manage to reach the high tree branch or where she disappears after offering her prayers. Many now believe that she is a pious soul sent by the almighty that wants to avoid any contact with civilisation.

Watch the unbelievable  Video


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