One Man, 13 Wives, All Pregnant at The Same Time

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You are looking  a picture of a man with 13 Pregnant women.  This man  is a citizen of Nigeria and that of the 13 pregnant women are his 13 wives. This picture, which is currently in serious dialogue on the Internet gone viral.  But it’s also very surprising thing that all his 13 wives are pregnant at the same time. .

Blue world many strange cases, which are difficult to believe. A similar case in Nigeria came up when this photo was created ripples on social media platforms.

These women would not feel any qualms about the same person he married and became pregnant are simultaneously. The women do not appear to have any problem with sharing their husband with one another, and in fact there could be an argument made in polygamy’s favor that more wives places less burden on each wife.

Meanwhile the photo, which has gone viral and been the subject of controversy both as to the morality of such a deed and as to whether or not the man is the father of all of the in-utero children.



    Is there news reporter at Daporijo District HQ.of Upper Subansiri District., Update please sometime we public of Daporijo township need news reporter bcoz, public greviances shall be reached in government domain.

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