women pose for nude photo shoot to protest Donald Trump

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People have always found new and ingenious ways to protest against something or someone they see as wrong but posing nude for a photo shoot to protest against US presidential candidate and Republican hopeful Donald Trump by over 100 women is surely going to amuse and at the same time shock you.

This photo shoot has been organised by an eminent photographer Spencer Tunic in which a 130 women took part. These women volunteered to be a part of Spencer’s project and posed with mirror in their hands while nude for the photo shoot. The stated aim of this project was to syncretise politics and art in order to send the message that Donald Trump is unfit for the White House.


It must also be noted that Tunic is famous for organising Nude photo shoots of this kind even though this is the first time he ever organised such a photo shoot to send a political message because it was necessary to do so according to Spencer. According to Spencer, just voting against in the upcoming US presidential elections isn’t enough. “I have a wife and two kids. I can’t believe that a leader from the Republican Party would such a language against women and minorities”, Tunic said. Tunic also said that he had to do something to voice his dissent against such a myopic and imbecilic mindset.

Photographer Spencer Tunic also called Donald Trump a looser. The photos of 100 women that took part in Spencer’s initiative will be released shortly before the US presidential polls on 8th November this year. Tunic choose a private property in Cleveland, Ohio for the photo shoot to avoid police interference because of the nudity laws in the state. He also chose Cleveland because a Republican Party convention is scheduled to take place here on Monday, 18th of July.

Donald Trump recently rose into prominence after a string of stunning victories in the primaries which catapulted him to the top as the leading candidate of the Republican party. Although the Party is considering to nominate him as the Republican party hopeful for the White House, controversy still exists both within the party and among the people of United States regarding his stance on various issues.


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