Arunachal: RGU Hosts National Webinar on Millet Farming and Soil Health in Arunachal Pradesh”

Drawing participants from across India, the event served as a pivotal platform for enriching discussions and insights.

ITANAGAR- On the occasion of International Year of Millets, The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Rajiv Gandhi University organized a National Webinar on 10th November 2023. Drawing participants from across India, the event served as a pivotal platform for enriching discussions and insights.


The Vice Chancellor Prof. Saket Kushwaha addressed a webinar on the importance of millets in daily life, emphasizing their nutritional value, historical significance, and traditional importance in Indian culture. He urged people to include millets in their diet for a healthier lifestyle and called for a revival of their use in Indian cuisine.

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He also spoke about the university’s extension activities to reach farmers with information on millets and help them grow and market them sustainably. He emphasized the need for a bottom-up approach to millet research driven by the needs of farmers and consumers, calling for more research on new varieties and recipes.

He welcomed participants and wished them well, hoping the webinar would raise awareness of the importance of millets in our lives. The Registrar Dr. N. T. Rikam adding to the occasion, highlighted the crucial role of millets in the context of Arunachal Pradesh, delving into both cultural and nutritional aspects. Finance Officer Prof.

Otem Padung, in a notable advisory, urged scientists to embrace a bottom-up extension approach, underscoring the importance of community engagement for more meaningful impact. Prof. Sumpam Tangjang, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, extended warm wishes to participants from diverse regions, fostering a sense of unity in the collective pursuit of knowledge.

The lineup of expert speakers brought diverse perspectives to the forefront. Prof. D. K. Patagiri, Professor and Head of the Department of Soil Sciences at Assam Agricultural University, initiated discussions on the topic ‘Soils of Northeastern India: A focus on millet production.’ He delved into the intricacies of different soil types and their implications for millet cultivation.

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Dr. Pankaj Kumar Shah, Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Nagaland University, enriched the audience with insights into the nutritional importance of millets, emphasizing the unique aspects relevant to Northeastern India.

Dr. Abhinav Kumar, an Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist in the Department of Entomology at Bihar Agricultural University, Bihar, addressed the critical issue of major insect pests affecting millets and proposed effective management strategies.

Dr. Taking Gammi, a Veterinary Officer with a Selection Grade in the Department of AHV and DD, Arunachal Pradesh, shared insights into the potential of integrated farming with millets, illustrating how it can contribute to better incomes for farmers.

The economic aspects of millet production in India were analyzed by Dr. R. S. Bhawar, Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Bihar Agricultural University, Bihar.

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Expressing gratitude Organizing Secretary, Dr. Devegowda S R, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Rajiv Gandhi University, thanked the convenors, organizing committee members, and the technical committee for their collective efforts in ensuring the success of the webinar.

The National Webinar emerged as a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge, fostering collaboration and promoting sustainable practices in millet farming and soil health, contributing significantly to the agricultural landscape of Arunachal Pradesh and beyond.


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