Water supply in Itanagar will be fully restored within two days- PHED

Itanagar:  The water supply in Itanagar capital city will be fully restored within two days. Informed Itanagar PHED Division Executive Engineer Tadar Mangku.

Mangku informed that  all three vertical turbine at the pump house located near water treatment Plant (WTP) at Senki view on Senki river which pump water into the reservoir were damaged.


One vertical turbine has been repaired and reinstalled on Sunday and started supplying of water in the city,  The second vertical turbine has also been repaired and is being reinstalled today and will start supplying of water to the tank and to the city later on. Mangku said.

The thirst turbine may takes a week to be repaired and installed till then both the turbines will be able to supply the sufficient quantity of water. He said.

“ I am also aware that the city dwellers are being supplied on shift wise on alternate day but quantity is same like of previous time “ but once the 2nd turbine is installed within a day or two the problem may be resolved. He added.

There are requirement of around 18 MLD water on daily for the Itanagar including the emergency services and we received 11 MLD from Poma river and 7 MLD from Senki river respectively and at present we are receiving a short of 3.5 MLD which would be shorted out within a day or two.

The supply from Poma is already there and is continuous while the 2nd vertical turbine at senki view is reinstalled within a day or two the issue of water scarcity would be resolved. Mangku further said.


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