Arunachal: Webinar On implication of NEP 2020 for Promoting Indian Art, Culture and Heritage

Itanagar:  One day National webinar was conducted by department of Anthropology, Rajiv Gandhi University  on 27th Sept’ 2020 to understand and address the implication of NEP 2020 in terms of promoting Indian Art, Culture and Heritage.

The webinar mainly attempted to understand and come out with strategies and recommendations for developing state specific educational policy keeping in background the larger framework of NEP 2020 which helps in promoting Indian Art, Culture and Heritage in general and more specific to Arunachal Pradesh.


Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Honorable Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University attended as Chairman of the program. The program was also graced by Dr. N Sridharan, Director of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi as the Chief Guest; along with many other eminent personality and scholars attended the same program.

Two eminent resource persons, Prof. Amareswar Galla, Director, International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership (ICICL), Anant National University, Ahmadabad and Ms. Rige Shiba, Museum Education Officer, National Museum, New Delhi were invited as speakers for the program.

While delivering their lecture on the NEP 2020, both the speakers came out with some very pertinent points and suggestions which can be largely beneficial for developing Educational Policy in specific to Arunachal Pradesh keeping in mind larger framework of NEP 2020 as the background. Both the speakers while appreciating the incorporation of the elements of Indian Art, Culture and Heritage in the NEP, 2020; also emphasized on the importance of state specific curricula in the context of Arunachal Pradesh for which certain recommendation and suggestion are given.

Prof. Galla while hinting on the role of higher learning institute made a point that RGU being a lone central University of Arunachal Pradesh should come out with own educational policy in specific to Arunachal Pradesh while keeping in background the larger framework of NEP 2020. The approach should be guided by policy to bridge the inter-generational gap and should have multidisciplinary approach.

Prof. Galla made a point that India has vast linguistic diversity and that remains as one of the big challenge for NEP 2020. However, this can also remains as an advantage if trio-language module is introduced in educational institute of every state.

Special emphasis should be given to linguistic diversity for which special provision and curriculum to be set to promote and preserve endangered languages. He also said that Arunachal Pradesh has rich culture and heritage and that should be reflected in the new curricula as part of NEP 2020.

Another speaker, Ms Rige also talked on the importance of extensive and intensive learning module as part of NEP 2020 for which she emphasized on the importance of Museum as an institute of learning in specific to Arunachal Pradesh.

She said that museum can play a pivotal role in safeguarding the rich art and culture of Arunachal Pradesh for which efficient module and following approach is very important: Cohesive learning enriched by bridging the gap between formal and non-formal set up; Activities and experimental pedagogies for all age group; Pro-active outreach initiatives by team Museum and Team school. The one day national webinar ended with fruitful discussion and feedback from across participants.


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