UP :  youth Beaten, paraded naked, After Seen with girlfriend in Restaurant


After Arunachal, lawlessness is now on display in Uttar Pradesh.  A 22-year-old youth was brutally beaten and paraded naked by his girl friend’s family on Tuesday evening, after seen with girl friend in a restaurant.

As per reports, the couple were at a restaurant in Aryapuri colony in Muzaffarnagar when few of the girl’s relatives reached the scene, dragged the youth outside and started attacking him. He was

The girl’s family alleged that the youth was trying to harass and molest the girl and that is why her brother and another male relative reached the scene to confront the boy.

However the boy denied these allegations and said the girl is his friend and they have known each other for some time.

The local police arrived at the scene, but by the time the issue had escalated into a battle between the girl’s family and the boy’s friends and family who had rushed to the hospital in his aid.

people fighting in hospital premises can be seen in the photo, and the youth can be witnessed being led by the police to the police station.

According to police officers, three FIRs were filed against dozens of people, including the man and the girl’s father.


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