Story of footover bridges, the main hindrances of widening of NH-415

Footover bridges have to be dismantle, but the file related to dismantle approval  is reportedly stuck in the govt offices.

Itanagar     By Manoj Singh

The two footover bridges located at Ganga Market and Bank Tinali  are one of few hindrances of the four lane widening of NH-415. These two footover bridges have to be dismantle, but the file related to dismantle approval  is reportedly stuck in the govt offices.


Reportedly the file related to approval of dismantle of these two footover bridges has been roaming from one office to another office of  Capital Deputy Commissioner, Urban Development, UD to Highway department, and the footover bridges remain standing there.

A senior officer from Urban Development department inform that the property belongs to Urban Development but the dismantling couldn’t  be carried out due to non release of dismantling order or charge from Highway department, despite the several correspondence for the same.

Since the fund for dismantling of the structure has not been released to Urban Development from any end so the dismantling could not takes from the UD department. The officer said.

Further the Highway department was requested to carry out the dismantle of the two footover bridge located near RK Mission Hospital and Heema Hospital respectively. The UD officer added.

When contacted, Executive Engineer, Naharlagun Highway Division, PWD Nirjuli.  Nani Tath inform that advertisement was made in the paper for its disposal through public auction but no one has shown interest to carry out the work at approved reserved price and above, two firm have turn up and quoted at the below reserved price. He said.

Again the Notice inviting quotation was published for second time in newspaper and three interested firms has participated  but again there was same problem of quoting of price and the file is under process for getting approval from the government and expected it would be done within a day or two. He said.

If get approval, then dismantling of both footover bridge would takes place soon. Tath added.

It is to mention that Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar during the inspection of various locations of on going construction site of NH-415, give specific instruction to the officials of the concern departments to  clear all hindrances,  but the two footover bridge speaking the seriousness and work culture of the  concern departments.


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