Renaming of Arunachal’s places by China is baseless- Tapir Gao



Renaming of some places of of Arunachal pradesh is totally illegal and baseless , said Mr Tapir Gao, the BJP president of Arunachal Pradesh. Talking to  Mr Tapir added that India has never any boundary with China,  since British India we were having boundary with Tibet only”.

” in 1914 Shimla agreement headed by Mr  Mack Mohan , Chinese representative and Tibet representative were present over Shimla agreement.  The British Indian representative Mack Mohan had a  boundary agreement  with Tibetan representative  not  Chinese representative.  and there is no question of Chinese claim objecting that agreement was baseless. India was not having even a inch of boundary with China”.  Stated Tapir.

” Further in 1959 , the Chinese forcefully occupied the Tibet  territory  and wanted to draw new boundary line with Tibet’s neighbouring countries has got no locus standing”  stated Mr Tapir Gao.

It must be noted here that responding to Dalai Lama’s recent Tawang visit, China sent a strong message this week that Arunachal Pradesh was non-negotiable as the Chinese government on April 14 released “standardized” Chinese names of six towns of Arunachal Pradesh .  Rewriting Tibetan names like Bumla into Mandarin, China aims to strike the Tibetans by ‘Sinicizing’ the names and at the same time challenge India’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh which it regards as “South Tibet”.

Moreover  his holiness Dalai Lama the then Ruler of Tibet repeatedly given statement Nationaly and internationally ” Arunachal is a integral part of India” , so today China  claiming over Arunachal and renaming of some part of Arunachal Pradesh is totally baseless and no world community will accept it said Mr Tapir Gao.


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