Northeastern states and its people are an integral part of India- Pema Khandu



Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister recently gave an interview to an English weekly in which he discussed various current issues concerning the state.

In his interview, he lauded the unequitable contribution of Indian Security forces in protecting the people of Arunachal while also refuting any claims China makes on Arunachal Pradesh’s territory while also referring to the recent turn of events in Sikkim pema Khandu stating that all the North-eastern states and its people are an integral part of India.

When asked about his previous affiliation with the INC, he said that he was compelled to leave to the party’s growing “High Command” culture and praised the union government for setting aside party politics in matters of development citing his earlier meet with PM Modi when he was CM but affiliated to INC.

He also expressed his enthusiasm over Dalai Lama’s recent visit to the state and also cited the former as a major source of inspiration for him.

On an ending note, when asked about the allegations of corruption against his administration, he calmly replied saying that such allegations are part and parcel of political life and cited the people’s unwavering faith on his administration as his motivation to carry on with his work.


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