Itanagar: XIIth Nyishi Day celebrated in State Capital



The XIIth Nyishi Day celebrated in state capital with great pomp and show and enthuses among the youths of Nyishi community of state.

Addressing the main function here at Nyishi Secretariat under construction campus at Richi-Jullang, Nyishi Elite Society (NES) President Bengia Tolum said that on this date the derogatory work ‘Dafla’ nomenclature was changed by an act of parliament to Nyishi and we are converted even though we were Nyishi, but officially we are now known as Nyishi. He thanks all those people who have worked hard for our reorganisation as Nyishi.

He urge upon all members of society to avoid any forms of violence in election. In democracy everyone have  has right to chose his own candidate but we should continue to remain in society and remain united and appeal the members of Nyishi elite society to always try to avoid violence and election politic.

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Refereeing to booth capturing and poll violence Tolum said we should remain vigilant toward such people and we as a society should work for unity and integrity of communal harmony and work for clean election and hope that by next five years may get a result and our society become a corruption free and avoid money culture in all forms of election.

We should set an example for others so that society can learn from us and our society will be strong developed.

Former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki, NES General Secretary Heri Maring, former student leader Tadar Niglar, former NES president Dr. Joram Begi, RGU professor Nabam Naka Hina, organising committee Chairman Gyamar Tachung among others also address the gathering and presented their view and suggestion for a strong society and its development.

Several leaders and executive members of Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi Youths association (ANYA), Nyishi Nem Achum (NNM), Nyishi art and culture welfare society (NACWS), Nyishi festival council (NFC), All Nyishi stundents union (ANSU) and other were present on the occasion. The occasion also witness several cultural performances by various groups and traditional games and sports.


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