Itanagar: Techi Kaso visits fire accident site and console the victims


Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD, TP and ULB Techi Kaso visited the site of the fire accident which gutted completely and damaged around 16 houses at Upper Niti Vihar on Thursday evening.


Kaso while visiting the site along with IMC Chief Councillor Kipa Kaku, Chief Municipal Executive Officer (CMEO) Olik Taring, IMC ESC Member Tagru Takap, Niti Vihar Ward IMC Councillor Donik Tayu, Social worker Tai Yapu and other and console the victims and provided immediate cash relief to 13 victims , whose house were completely gutted ,  3 victims  of those whose houses were partially damaged.

He was happy with the arrangement made by t Capital district  administration and  Municipal authorities  and immediate relief provided by them at the time of grief.

He further appeal the denizens of capital complex to give passage for road which are helpful during the time of emergency like situation in earth quick, fire, and other time.

He also directed the officials of the Fire safety and Disaster Management to immediately to prepare relief for distribution to the victim for their rehabilitation.

Kaso while talking to Arunachal24  said that it is a confusing trend that the fire accident case are increasing and people are unaware of it. He said that there are many ways and means and to remain active and alert during such situation and should maintain preventive measures and fire safety department have been doing such awareness programmes in the capital city and we should learn from them.

He said that a total of two lakhs have been arranged from his source as a immediate grant of relief to the victims  and have appeal the state government to grant immediate relief to the victims


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