Itanagar : Capital administration conduct Cleaning Programme at Ganga lake




Under the directive of Deputy Commissioner, Capital Complex, a  cleaning programme in Ganga Lake,  was conducted under the supervision of Dalin Tana, TIO Cum Member Secy. of Ganga Lake Development Committee from 7 am to 3 pm on Saturday.

Apart from former Panchayat members, student leaders, elders,  IMC  A.E Neelam Tach had provided more then 100 IMC workers had come together for the cleaning programme.

Despite torrent rain and insufficient tools, the cleaning programme  was a success.


Itanagar : Capital administration conduct Social service at Ganga lake   Itanagar : Capital administration conduct Social service at Ganga lake

Member Secretary Dalin Tanac asked all citizens and tourists to acquire a civic sense and take voluntary responsibility to  throw their trash to near by Dust bins no matter how far it may be. It is the only recreational centre where families and tourists visit the Lake.

He also quoted that the Committee is doing their best to provide proper bathrooms, more new peddle boats, water from Poma Water treatment plant, etc. to Ganga Lake after discussing with the committee members on other developments which is confidential. Finally, he urged the visitors to be patience on such matters and D.A is doing their to provide better services to the domestic and foreign tourists.


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